The Automatic Dealer Program

Dealer Installation Kit


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One order includes 25 adapters

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One order includes 25 Dealers Installation Kits containing adapter, activation instructions and Quick Start Guide for your customer.

Also Included:

  • Window Clings for your lot
  • Customer Brochures
  • Tent Cards
  • Activation Tip Sheets


Your customers will leave the lot with all of their future service needs leading back to your Dealership and connected features to give them confidence whenever they hit the road.


We’ve got you and your customers covered with the connected service only Automatic can provide.

  • Connected Maintenance – connects you directly with your customers about the health of their vehicle and additional service needs allowing them to book appointments directly through the app.
  • Crash Alert – when the unthinkable happens, our trained responders ensure your customers’ safety. Our responders are available 24/7, contacting emergency services and customers’ loved ones.
  • Roadside Assistance – sends towing and repair services to the drivers’ exact location when help is needed.
  • Vehicle Diagnostics – identifies the issue if their check engine light comes on.
  • Real-Time Location – allows drivers to enjoy the ride, knowing their loved ones are safe on the road.
  • App Integrations – connects your customers’ car with smart-home integrations, one-click business travel expensing and so much more.

Product Specs

  • Model #: AUT-450C
  • Length (in.): 1.75 in
  • Width (in.): 2 in
  • Height (in.): 1 in
  • Weight (oz./lbs.): 1.2 oz

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